We deal with your personal data (hereinafter "Personal Data") appropriately, recognize our social responsibility to protect it and conduct the following activities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Collection of Personal Data

We may collect personal data in the cases below:

Purpose of use of Personal Data

Personal Data received from customers will be used within the scope necessary for following objectives.

Disclosure of Personal Data to third parties

Your personal data acquired by us, in principle, shall not be disclosed to any third party except the following cases.

Management for protection of Personal Data

For your information we collected, we will make appropriate management efforts to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, unauthorized access and disclosure.

Correction & deletion of Personal Data

Personal Data management is committed to be as accurate and up to date as possible.
Please contact the following by yourself about correction or deletion of Personal Data.
To prevent leakage of Personal Data to third parties, we will respond only if identification of requesting customers is confirmed.

Revision of Personal Data protection policy

We will review and revise our privacy policy (Personal Data Protection Policy) from time to time.
The revised Privacy Policy will be promptly posted on this site.

Personal Data management company and contact information

Please contact with the following about Our Privacy Policy (Personal Data Protection Policy) under the title "Privacy Policy" or "Personal Data Protection Policy".

Address: 6-8, Satahigashi-Machi 2-chome, Moriguchi city, Osaka 570-0017 Japan
Tel.: 05-6902-0011
Fax: 06-6905-1135
E-mail: info-os@jaguar-net.co.jp
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