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In the spirit of challenge since its establishment, Jaguar has been enriching livelihood of everyone

Since our establishment in 1949, we have engaged in conducting proposal of the lifestyle to enrich the livelihood of everyone. Having succeeded in the domestic production of household zigzag sewing machine ahead of other companies, Jaguar is a company that has the spirit of challenge and the gene which enjoys making things.

Currently Jaguar International Corporation is expanding global business activities as a manufacturer of household sewing machines. Actively incorporating the evolution of technology to provide services and unique products from the customer's perspective, we will continue to produce diversifying lifestyles dynamically.

Aiming to become a company that can offer something new, we will continue to challenge so as to be able to contribute to the society toward the future as well. Please stay tuned to future activities and deployment of Jaguar International Corporation.

Jaguar International Corporation
President Shunsuke Katayama

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